3 Things You Must Have When Pitching Your Product

December 8, 2022

One of the best ways to ensure your product is given the best chance for consideration is to come prepared when pitching your product to a buyer especially if you’re a new vendor.

The following are three items you must remember to take when pitching your product.

1. Product in a package

Your product or prototype sample must be presentable and fully functional. The last thing you want is a product that doesn’t work when you do your ‘show-and-tell’ in front of a buyer. Not only is it embarrassing, but it shows how unprepared you are and may likely decrease your chances of being considered. And, the farther along you are in the design and production process, the more chances you have of standing out and making a good first impression.

If you’ve confirmed a meeting and you know you won’t be ready, it would be advisable to move the appointment rather than taking a chance of being unprepared.

Your product must also come in a package even if it’s only in the prototype stage. Buyers understand the production process so it’s unlikely they would expect production samples for new products. Make sure the box artwork is designed well, printed properly and mounted on the box with care.

2. Pricing & Price List

You need to know how much you’re selling your product. Buyers also want to know that you’re knowledgeable about your product category, and that you’ve done your homework, assessed the market and your competition. So be prepared when they ask you about prices of like products. Know your industry, product category, target market and competition.

If you’re presenting more than 1 item, take a price list with you for reference. Make sure you have several copies in case there are others invited to the meeting. This will eliminate interruption in the meeting of having to make more copies, AND another way of letting the buyer know that you’re prepared!

3. Sell Sheet

A sell sheet is usually a one-page document with all the pertinent information about your product and your contact information. Use a clean design and concise copy (information) so it’s easy to read and understand. Include pictures or illustrations of your product, clearly communicate its features & benefits, include pricing, minimum order requirements custom vape mods , if any, packaging dimensions and shipping requirements. If you can, add testimonials to add credibility to your product.

Again, take more than one copy with you that you can leave behind. Also, don’t forget to take a catalog with you if you have one and business cards!

It’s important to have well-designed pieces for your presentation so you look polished and you’re taken seriously. If you can, work with a designer or agency that’s had experience with this process. Some designers have not done consumer packaging so just be aware of this. Having well-branded tools in your arsenal will give you more confidence when presenting.

Remember, the better prepared you are when pitching your product, the more likely you will stand out and the better chances you will get noticed and remembered by a buyer.

KI Marketing Intl. is a full-service consulting and management marketing company that offers convenient, turn-key solutions to launching consumer brands to market. Karla Ilarde, founder and president of KI Marketing Intl. and [http://theproductlaunchpartner.com] has almost 20 years of experience in marketing, manufacturing and sales in the entertainment and consumer products industry.



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