3 Tips to Stop Slugs From Eating Your Plants

Some people have more problems with slugs eating plants and flowers than others do.

If you live in a location that has a lot of rainy days, you will definitely be plagued by slugs. Some summers can be prone to heavy slug population anywhere if it is cool and more than average rainfall occurs. Learning what causes slugs to create so much havoc in your garden and landscape is the first step to getting your slug population under control.

Slugs adore moisture and detest the sunlight.

The heat of the sun dries moisture and slugs are all about being Kilogram to Slug online converter well lubricated. Removing all unnecessary hiding places is the first thing you want to do. Things lying around on the ground shelter slugs from the hot days can be easily done away with.

  • Fallen leaf debris
  • Objects like pieces of wood and compost piles
  • Pots sitting on the soil

Your potting methods can be made to stop assisting slugs to breed. As summer wears on, people with a lot of slug damage will most likely see an increase in foliage being eaten faster. More holey hostas than you had in June is a sure sign you have a slug incubator somewhere. Change the way you plant container gardens and plants.

  • Line the bottom of pots with landscape fabric
  • Fill with potting mix
  • Plant as desired

Slugs enter your pots through the drainage holes in the bottom. That gooey muck at the bottom of the pot offers them the perfect place to lay their eggs. It also allows newly hatched slugs to slither up the inside walls of the pot seeking their first meal. The landscape fabric won’t let slugs into your pots through the bottom. This does not stop slugs from climbing the outer walls of the pot but makes them hunt further away for a safe place to produce more munching machines.

You can put a damper on the slug smorgasbord with plant control. Natural slug control would be of great benefit to people who live where slugs are a constant battle. There are plants that slugs hate to eat. Imagine that! You can select flowers slugs don’t eat and cut your need for slug killers down by a good deal. There are also plants that actually deter slugs. So it is possible to put a barrier that slugs won’t cross that never needs replenishing or reapplying. Garden slug control using plants as your weapon could be far less expensive than chemical alternatives.

You can have un-holey hostas when you plant the right cultivars. Hostas slugs won’t eat? Actually, yes there are some hostas that are not to their liking. Its amazing the thing ones learns about maintaining lovely plantings using control already built in by nature.

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