A Free Yoga Online Course That Actually Offers Value

December 28, 2022

One of the most frequent marketing ploys offered by online businesses is the “free course.” Sometimes, these courses offer valuable information, but more often than not, they offer a “teaser” and in order to get anything information of value, you have to pay for the whole course. Such is not the case with the “Free 7 Day Yoga e-Course” from International Yogalayam.

The course begins with “5 Secrets to Yoga Success.” These five tips, geared toward beginning or returning students of yoga, can best be described as motivational. The author, Yogacharya, begins by introducing himself and his yoga lineage to the reader and then jumps right into the “secrets,” which are really tips to get the student started.

By the time you have reached the seventh and final installment, you will have learned nothing about the physical postures (asanas) most of us associate with yoga, but a great deal about the deeper reasons for learning yoga. Yoga has become so popular that it is almost like fast un curso de milagros food. You go to a class, feel a little better for a little while and then get hungry again. On a deeper level, yoga can inform and improve every aspect of your life.

Yes, Yogacharya does have something to sell at the conclusion of his free 7 Day eCourse, but he offers it gently. Even if you don’t take him up on his offer, you can apply what you’ve learned from his mini-course to your own daily practice. It may even inspire you to delve more deeply into all that yoga has to offer beyond physical fitness.

Bunky Malone is an editor, writer, and active practitioner of yoga.

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