A True Heaven Prayed by Entire Beijing

Located in the Southeast of Beijing, the “Temple Dominoqq Deposit 5000  of heaven” was constructed between 1406 and 1420 under the sovereignty of Ming Emperor “YongLe”. During the time period of Ming Emperor “JiaJing” it was refurbished and several separate complexes were dedicated to the earth, sun and Moon which are orderly located in the North, East and West of Beijing. The temple has been visited by all the emperors of the history of Ming and Qing dynasties during annual ceremonies in order to pray to the heaven for better harvest.

The Taoist architecture of the entire temple is very much based on the symbolism and numerology. All the structures of the temple are round which symbolizes the sky while all the axes are square and flat symbolizing the earth which is a key factor that illustrates cultural and religious beliefs. And especially the roofs of the main buildings are covered with blue tiles representing the sky and the heaven and their golden yellow colored ele


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