Bathroom Countertops Have Special Needs

September 22, 2022

Bathroom countertops are increasing in popularity due to the increasing needs for home storage. Pedestal sinks are lovely and may fit well into a half bath, but a family needs counter space to keep the multitude of skin care, cleaning and hygiene products. More families are choosing to upgrade the bathrooms to include full natural stone countertops. Installing stone countertops into a bathroom help to add depth and functionality.

Remodeling a bathroom is not the same as remodeling a kitchen. Bathroom counters must endure heat and humidity and materials should be carefully considered. Küchenarmatur Marble is beautiful, but is too porous for a bathroom. A better choice would be granite, as it is easy to care for, holds up well against moisture, and will fit with most color schemes. Matching colors and styles of within the bathroom is key, as there may not be must space and cohesiveness is important. Granite should be installed and properly sealed by a qualified contractor to maintain the durability for the life of the bathroom.

Granite countertops are unique to one another, and come in many color variations. Choosing whether to match an existing bathroom fixture or to accent within a similar color range should be carefully considered. Bathroom countertops can range in size, shape and edging options as well as color. The options can be virtually endless and sometimes overwhelming. Most natural stone companies also have a design staff to help assist the homeowner with these difficult decisions. Locating a company that addresses the needs of the remodel as well as the design possibilities will benefit the overall craftsmanship of the project. By insuring cohesiveness within the project’s workers, the project itself will end up flowing well with the rest of the home.

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