Bulldog Puppy Training Can Be Fun

In modern society, the bulldog is one of the oldest and indeed an elite breed of dog. They have been a symbol of England since the 1500 has and are courageous, stoic and a bit bullheaded. What this means for you as an owner is that bulldog puppy training is going to be a bit of a chore, particularly if your pup is adventurous or extremely stubborn.

Choose a Pup

Choosing a good bulldog pup is your first order of business and you should remember what all goes into this breed. They are known to have various health issues, which begin with a high mortality rate at birth. You want to find a puppy that is at least weaning age,  French bulldog for sale around 8 weeks old, who is friendly and not aggressive. Make arrangements to have the puppy vet checked for potential puppy health problems particularly their ears and nose.

As soon as you bring the new pup home, you should begin your bulldog puppy training. Of course, this assumes the pup has been socialized properly and is of the correct age for training. If you bring home a pup that is less than 10 weeks old or has not been socialized, well you will want to work on social skills with dogs and other people first. This will ensure you do not create an aggressive animal.

Steps to Bulldog Puppy Training

When your puppy has reached an appropriate age, you can start with house training. Young bulldog pups can be particularly stubborn so it is recommended that you are home as much as possible and use crate training for house training. House breaking may take a little longer with bulldog puppy training than other dogs but once you are done they are very careful not to use the bathroom in their home.

Once you have set down the basics of training you can begin to establish an environment where you are the clear and present alpha personality. Training them not to nip or bite is next on the agenda and can be done with toys and a clear sound of pain. To establish yourself as dominant it is a good idea to keep your pet off the furniture, including the couch and your bed. They can utilize the crate as a sleeping area and in the early months, you can stretch out how long they remain inside.

By the time your pup is 3-6 months old you can move bulldog puppy training into the obedience phase. This training will focus on the basic commands such as sit, stay, lie down, walking on the leash, waiting inside and coming when you call their name.

Make no mistake your bulldog is very quick at picking up on what you want, however they may not want to follow your instruction in the beginning because of their stubbornness and strong nature.

Bulldog Puppy Training and Protection

Bulldogs are by nature courageous and very curious they will want to roam and explore as far as they can. You will want to curb this enthusiasm early or they will be chasing cars, darting into traffic and running away from you in public. A leash is imperative until you are certain your bulldog will come to you when called, under any circumstances. There are many risks with an untrained bulldog as opposed to other small breed dogs.

It may seem a bit tougher when you get your new furry friend to execute proper bulldog puppy training but in the end, you will see that bulldogs are the most attentive and loyal dogs you could have. They will stay clean indoors, follow your instruction and stubbornly stay by your side once they are trained. Of course, you will have to instill these virtues in them early on if you want them to follow your instructions when they are older.


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