Different Modes, Functions and Features of Jovs Venus Pro II

December 20, 2022

Jovs Venus pro II is the upgraded version of Jovs pro, both the function and design have been significantly improved. Many celebrities and netizen bloggers are using it on YouTube, with tens of thousands of watched videos and countless praises. Of course, for hair removal devices such as medical beauty, from the light, gear, ice point, even flash, weight, shape, safety certification, effects, price and to other aspects, all of these need to be taken into consideration. The following will list the excellent points of this IPL hair removal device.

  Six different mode    Compared with other hair removal devices, the most important feature of Jovs Venus pro II is that they are designed in 6 different modes according to the characteristics of hair on different parts of the body. The hair thickness and skin tolerance of different body parts are different, and the required light waves are also different. Six modes, respectively, can filter out the light waves suitable for each part of the body. Thanks to the scientific design of the light head, high-frequency light, fast and accurate hair removal functions are available. It is this design that attributes Jovs Pro II to the best hair removal for men and the best hair removal for women.

  Unique technology design – Ice-Cooling plus 330 degrees rotation design, brings to painless and convenient effect.  

Hair removal devices on the market basically adopt strong pulse light with high energy but it is easy to sting the skin. Jovs Venus Pro lldoes not have this problem for not only its exclusive effective pulse light wavelength and energy control but also its upgrade of intelligent dual Ice-Cooling tech. During thehair removal process, the temperature can be plummeted to 5℃and last for 60min, so that the whole process is icy and there is no burning sensation. Jovs Venus Pro II updates the rotation angle from 180 degrees to 330 degrees, and we can use it according to their comfortable position during the process of holding up all the time.  

Lightweight   Jovs hair removal handset is lighter than a bottle of mineral water. It will be no burden for carrying out  

Two Major Functions.   Hair removal function: Whether it is coarse and hard hair or fine hair, it can permanently remove hair from all parts of the body with the help of Ice-Cooling tech bringing you smooth skin.

  SR function(skin rejuvenation effect): it can improve the pores, rough skin, dull complexion and other problems so that the skin becomes white, uniform color, and restore the original elasticity of the skin. It can also improve the capillary dilation effect: it can solve problems such as redness of the body or facial flushing, and restore the original color of the skin.  

Four Major Features.  

Safety: Safety is a key concern for consumers after all. Approved by FDA,  Jovs pro II can effectively avoid the common side effects of lasers and bright light allowing consumers to reduce their concerns about the device and try it with confidence.

  Efficacy: the Ice-Cooling hair removal device can be applied to a wider range, with more obvious immediate results and longer-lasting effects.  

Service: best IPL hair removal at home can be the most effective way to avoid the embarrassing situation that beauty salon always happens for most of us.

  Cost: A person’s whole body hair removal will consume about 828 rounds of light energy once, this hair removal device has 400,000 rounds, and the lamp head is available for about 10~15 years.

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