Forest City: A City With Vertical Greening And Multi-Layered Mobility System

September 27, 2022

 Together with the well-known design and planning business Sasaki, smart city created an idyllic, vibrant city. One of the distinctive characteristics in Forest City is its vertical greenery. It is highlighted by the notion of the concept of a “forest-like environment with buildings’ facade covered by plants”. Since the entire city is covered with greenery and parks and greenery, it will take the harmony between cities and nature to a new level. With the most sophisticated urban planning strategies and practices, forest city aims to address urban issues to create an efficient and sustainable city. Forest City is based on a multi-layered urban planning model, where cars and parking spaces are tucked away under the parks. The top of Forest City will be a completely car-free public space with a vast light-rail transportation system. In the end, Forest City will be an exclusive and lush living space.

Smart City

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge smart technology, city operating systems as well as resource management for networks will be developed to combine information from various sources, providing advanced analysis and reporting across the city’s functions. Each city-wide entity including the individual buildings, corporate and amenity, to product and all the way services, would be assigned an unique ID. This ID will ensure seamless connectivity between all organizations via the internet, resulting in an efficient and smart work and living space.


The connectivity between the corporate and individuals, cities and surroundings will be evident throughout the city, creating a vibrant community for all, as well as an extremely high-end cross-border communications platform for corporations.


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