Forest City is First Biggest Brilliant Eco-City in Malaysia

Alongside the striking arrangement and orchestrating business Sasaki, Forest City made an ideal, vivacious city. One of the specific characteristics in quick eco city is its vertical vegetation. It is highlighted by the possibility of the possibility of a Forest like environment with designs’ outsides covered by plants”. Since the entire city is covered with vegetation and stops and vegetation, it will take the congruity among metropolitan regions and nature to another level.

With the most current metropolitan organizing frameworks and practices, Forest City intends to determine metropolitan issues to make a powerful and doable city. Forest City relies upon a different metropolitan orchestrating model, where vehicles and parking spaces are hidden under the parks. The most noteworthy place of Forest City will be an absolutely vehicle free open space with a colossal light-rail transportation structure. At last, Forest City will be a particular and rich living space.

Adroit Eco-City

Vertical Greening

Structures outsides are covered by plants, laying out a Forest like environment.

Insightful and secure city

Forest City embraces halted organization and brilliant safeguard structure

Living paradise

Freehold status and spellbinding seaview make Forest City a living paradise for all occupants


Tutoring and Medical care

Forest City has left on joint endeavors with Shattuck-St. Mary’s School and MJ Gathering

Abundant accommodations

satisfying all your living and redirection needs

Integrated city

With an endeavor of USD100 billion, Forest City will be framed into a clever eco-city

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