Increase in Adoption of Electric Fencing by Armed Forces to Strengthen National Boundaries

November 17, 2022

The global electric fencing industry assiduity size stood at USD305.5 million in 2021. The assiduity

could launch from USD321.1 million in 2022 to USD484.2 million by 2029 at6.04 CAGR during the

cast period. has deep- dived these inputs in its rearmost exploration report, named, “Electric Fencing

Industry, 2022- 2029.”

According to the analysis, electric fencing has come sought- after for feather light, easy installation,

and increased capacity. acerbic electric cables will gain elevation on the reverse of increased

operation to close transnational boundaries. With a swell in demand for similar fencing systems for

agrarian and storehouse center security, assiduity players will continue investing in the geography.

Russia- Ukraine War Impact

Robust Demand for Advanced Security results to bolster Growth

Russia’s irruption of Ukraine has brought a paradigm shift in the global geography. Governments

have displayed profound traction for advanced security results to enhance defense mechanisms. For

case, Asia Pacific has come one of the major industries for electric hedge systems amidst raising

border controversies. The penetration of smart detectors, smart electric walls, and slice- edge

surveillance systems will forebode well for the assiduity outlook.

Reduced Demand from Industrial Sector Challenged Stakeholders

The rush of the COVID- 19 outbreak didn't augur well for the business growth as product dipped

across major husbandry. The epidemic impelled several stakeholders to either defer systems and

close operations. also, the deficit of professed workers further jolted the growth cast. Reduced

demand from defense and marketable sectors challenged leading companies gearing to boost their

portfolios. still, assiduity players anticipate the coming many times to give promising openings.


endless hedge to Remain Dominant Due to Rising Border controversies

In terms of type, the assiduity is insulated into movable hedge and endless hedge. Stakeholders

anticipate the endless hedge member to remain dominant due to adding prevalence of infiltration

and border controversies.

Agriculture Sector Displayed Profound Demand to cover Crops from creatures

With respect to operation, the assiduity is segmented into wild creatures, husbandry, security, favas ,

and others. The husbandry member will grow during the cast period due to the rising need to cover

crops from domestic and wild creatures.

Report Coverage

The report offers a comprehensive perspective of the assiduity size, share, profit, and volume. It has

deep- dived into geek analysis. Quantitative and qualitative assessments have handed a holistic

view of the assiduity. The primary interviews validate hypotheticals, findings, and the prevailing

business scripts. The report also includes secondary coffers similar as periodic reports, press

releases, white papers, and journals.

Motorists and conditions

jacked Demand from Defense Sector to bolster Assiduity Growth

The electric fencing assiduity growth will witness an upward line due to bullish demand from fortified

forces. For case, BRICS members have come a major philanthropist of acerbic electric cables

amidst rising border conflicts. To illustrate, Russia has reportedly installed electric fencing along its

border with China. Governments could foster their investments in electric cobra cables over the

coming many times. also, the relinquishment of IoT results to boost security operation will augur well

for the assiduity outlook. either, the husbandry sector will continue to fit finances into advanced walls

using electric shocks. Meanwhile, an increased conservation cost could stymie the assiduity growth

during the assessment period.

Regional perceptivity

North America to Gain Ground with adding Focus on Security

Industry players anticipate the North America assiduity cast to be strong on the reverse of soaring

demand to bolster public security. For case, theU.S. has stoked investments in electric fencing

systems on theU.S.- Mexico border. Increased demand for security and husbandry operations will

encourage leading companies to boost their indigenous presence.

The Asia Pacific electric fencing assiduity share will be conspicuous in the wake of bullish defense

budgets across China, India, and Australia. Arising and advanced husbandry could seek chain- link

fencing, acerbic line, razor line, and concertina coils to bolster their security portfolios.

Stakeholders anticipate Europe to regard for a considerable share of the global assiduity due to

robust demand for motherland security. movable fencing could gain elevation due to its high

inflexibility, easy installation, low cost, and low conservation. either, governments and other

stakeholders will also parade traction for endless fencing to discourage infiltration.

Competitive Landscape

Stakeholders Invest in Product Launches to Boost Portfolios

Prominent players could fit finances into combinations & accessions, product rollouts, technological

advancements, and R&D conditioning. either, significant companies could invest in inventions and

product immolations in the preceding period.

Key Industry Development


  • September 2019- Parker Mc Crory Mfg.Co. introduced electric fencing dishes ModelMAG-12-U.O.

and MAG-12-SP to pass 12- volt electricity for medium to big ranges.

Major Players Penciled in the Report

  • Dare Products(U.S.)
  • Gallagher(U.S.)
  • High Tech Pet(U.S.)
  • Kencove (U.S.)
  • Mpumalanga( South Africa)
  • Parker McCrory Mfg Co(U.S.)
  • PetSafe (U.S.)
  • Premier1Supplies(U.S.)
  • Tru- Test Group( New Zealand)
  • Woodstream (U.S.)


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