Joomla Module Development

It is quite common that most people are unaware of the fact that Joomla module and Joomla component are different, and interchange one with the other. But let’s briefly make it clear over here; while components are viewed as mini applications, modules on the other hand render flexibility to Joomla by linking to Joomla components in order to display fresh content. Thus, each have unique roles to play and hence considered the basic blocks of any Joomla website.

· Module Installation: There are numerous ways of installing a module in the back-end, installing by the help of a FTP or through the in-built extension manager. In Extensions>> Extension Manager, browse for the compressed file of the module and click ‘Upload and Install’. At times this manager doesn’t work, in such cases, unzip the zipped file and upload the module folder using FTP.

· Module Setup: Goto Extensions>> Module Manager and check that it appears along with other installed modules, on its successful installation. Publish it in selected pages of the website and choose the position where it is to be displayed. Module ordering can be done by using the up and down arrow keys or setting the ordering numerically.

· Module Customisation: Set up the module parameters displayed on the right hand side. These parameters provide flexibility in customizing the its features. Read the documentation of the module for all possible customizations and information regarding the settings. Click on save to keep the required customizations made and view the site to see the changes made.

· Module Development: Developing Joomla modules is a complex  ble module process and requires knowledge and expertise in coding. Prior to the development process, through planning is required to meet the needs of the clients and post development process includes compatibility check for web browsers, validation of codes, search engine optimisation techniques and much more.

Joomla community is rich in extensions, including modules and components. A large variety of quality modules are available over the internet. There also exist a number of service providers to design custom Joomla modules for websites as well. Keep these module development overview features in mind while choosing a Joomla module for the Joomla website:


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