Kissing Techniques That Seem Natural

You have seen kissing in the movies. It looks romantic, passionate, and natural. But, in real life, it never seems to come off exactly like it looks in the movies. But you can develop your kissing skills even to the level of it becoming almost an art form. Experience and practice is what it takes to improve your kissing skills. There are several kissing techniques to help learn to be a good kisser.

Many people believe that they can tell if a person is ‘the one’ just by a kiss. Kissing is an important aspect of any relationship. If you want to have a good physical relationship with someone, it always begins with a kiss.

A kiss can be an expression of friendship, compassion, or passion. You can convey how you feel about someone with how you kiss them.

So how can you develop your kissing skills?

Being comfortable kissing first begins by being comfortable with yourself. You should be sure that you are presenting as attractive appearance as you can. Your lips should be supple and soft. Lip gloss or balm used everyday can help to keep your lips soft and enticing.

Your breath should be fresh. If you smoke or just dined on a meal with garlic or spicy foods you might want to be sure that you have gum or mints on hand. In fact, you should always have mints handy.

When you start to kiss someone be sure to pay attention to his signals. Make sure they are at ease and comfortable. Do not get so involved in kissing that you do not pay attention to the signals your kissing partner 918kiss is giving to you. Confidence is very important to kissing effectively. Be relaxed and go with the mood.

There are many types of kisses. Most people know what a French kiss is. But do you know the Butterfly kiss? The Cheek Kiss? Earlobe Kiss? Eye kiss? All these kisses are appropriate at different times and can create a different element of sensuality.

The butterfly kiss is where you flutter your eyelashes quickly in order for your partner to feel them. Cheek and forehead kisses are kisses between friends. A cheek kiss is appropriate for a first date. Kissing on the earlobes and involves sucking and sipping on the earlobe of your kissing partner. When you rub noses with your partner that is an Eskimo kiss! Kissing the eyes of your partner is another tender kiss to offer.

Sucking on the fingers of your partner is another relaxing and stimulating kiss to perform. The kissing and/or sucking the toes of your partner are considered very erotic. The Melt Kiss or Freeze Kiss is where you place an ice cube in your mouth and pass it to your partner while kissing. You can even kiss up and down the body melting the ice as you kiss along.

There are many other variations of these kisses. This includes, placing fruit between your lips, kissing and licking your partner’s hands, sucking on their lower lip, nibbling their neck.


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