More About Taking Care of Your Grass

October 24, 2022 0 Comments

There are so many gras online kaufen types of grass and they are divided into two. Namely the cool season turf grasses and the warm season turf grasses. The following are a few examples of the cool season turf grasses:

Bent Grass

This is considered as the jewel to all grass growers. Its emerald green color, fine texture and its ability to grow slowly make the bent grass popular. The three different types of bent grass are colonial which is commonly used in golf courses and as well as in home lawns. The second one is called the creeping grass which is a native to Europe and western Asia. Creeping grass can grow as tall as fifty centimeters tall and this is good source of food for the caterpillars, Lepidoptera. The third type of bent grass is called velvet its color may be white, green, pink or purple. This type of grass can be seen in full bloom during the month of May-June. Bent grass is also prone to diseases like brown patch, snow mold and dollar spot which are all fungus disease. The best thing to do to avoid any fungus disease is to regularly conduct a close clipping and spraying the right fungicide on your turf will ensure a healthy growth.

Blue Grass

This is commonly known as the Kentucky bluegrass and it can grow as high as twenty four inches. When you plant a blue grass it is extremely important to remove weeds on the area where the grass will be grown because blue grass is one of the most delicate to grow and can’t survive with any other plants or weeds. Like any other grasses and plants Kentucky grass is also prone to diseases and the most common culprit are the grubs, beetle, northern masked chafer and the European chafer. The use of a herbicide to kill weeds around the blue grass is a must to prevent it from dying. In order to have a healthy grass it is also very important to feed the grass the right way, blue grass needs to be watered three times daily for two consecutive weeks after the first two weeks feeding it once daily is enough to sustain its health. The use of fertilizer is highly recommended. You can search online for the right type of fertilizer for the Kentucky green grass but during its growth years the use of nitrogen rich fertilizer is substantial as well as regular mowing.

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