Petrol Engine Versus Diesel Engine

There are two major types of engines, i.e. Petrol and Diesel, the decision to choose between the two is highly debated Crankshaft Repair in many circles from its inception. Petrols need highly volatile fuel known as petrol that gets start very easily, while on the other hand, diesels require diesel that is heavy and dirty.

This article is written to compare petrol and diesel engine variations:

• Diesel, as compared to petrol, have better fuel efficiency due to the fact that diesels have higher compression ratio.

• Diesels are noisier and may require frequent maintenance, but they are more durable than petrol based engines.

• The diesel engine is known as compression ignition, while the petrol engine is known as spark ignition. Diesels requires compression detonation to burn the fuel. This compression detonation is injected into the ignition chamber at the time of last stage of compression. Hot compressed air in the cylinder can cause the fuel to burn without spark, while on the other hand, a petrol engine is ignited by spark plug. The mixture of air and fuel catches fire by a spark burn, and thereby expands to force the piston down. Due to the pre-mixture of air and fuel, can run at a much higher speed as compared to diesel engine. The procedure of fuel detonation is quite different between both Petrol and Diesel engines, with the diesel fuel pump being vital to this ignition.

• Diesel works on diesel cycle, while petrol engine works on Otto cycle.

• Due to higher compression ratio, the thermal efficiency of diesels are much higher as compared to petrol engine.

• Diesel parts as compared to petrol engine parts are much expensive; also, it requires higher grade of material and workmanship than petrol engine.

• Petrol engines don’t have the capacity to pull heavy loads; while on the other hand, diesel engines would pull heavy loads easily to longer distances.

• Diesels give better mileage and are much cheaper than the petrol ones.

• Diesels can be more easily turbocharged unlike petrol engine, due to its higher compression ratio.

• Diesel based engines are much more effective than petrol based engines.

• Petrol based engines contain a carburetor, which supplies the mixture of air and petrol in the proper portion, according to the requirement. In diesels, a diesel injector is used to inject the fuel, at the end of the compression stroke. There have been endless debates on this topic among car owners across the world. After reading the above comparisons, we can say that both engines have certain advantages and disadvantages that every buyer must keep in mind, when thinking to buy a new car.


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