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January 24, 2023

Symbols are powerful! Symbols convey concepts that are usually difficult to state. The three dimensional Cube is a most interesting sign, representing the World, the Planet World (the plane involving physical manifestation), in addition to the Body of a human.

Typically the three dimensional Dice derives from typically the two dimensional Sq .. The Square is usually not a condition indigenous to Character. The Square presents the strong and even stable Foundation about which the Male of God holds. Esoterically, the Dice represents the Spirit quarried from Lord -The Universal Spirit- refined, polished, and perfected through experience, trails, and hardships.

Three dimensional Dice compares to The O Name Yahweh. Typically the three dimensional Dice consists of 12 lines, 8 items, and 6 sides (12+8+6=26). The gematria of The Holy Name Yahweh is usually 26. Black cube will be The Holy Label of Yahweh portrayed geometrically!

The Cube is an extremely prominent symbol that will is found inside the three great monotheistic (One God) practices of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The Cube in Islamic may be the Kaaba (‘Arabic for “cube”) inside the Holy Town of Makkah, which usually houses the Black Stone. The Cube in Judaism will be the Tephillin. In Christianity, the Cube is the Cornerstone of typically the Temple that typically the builders rejected.

The Cross will be the Dice unfolded. When the Dice is unfolded this forms a more effective part Cross. The particular Cube (Yahweh concealed) is the Combination (Yahweh revealed).

The particular Hebrew word Mitzvoth (“Commandments”), as found in Leviticus 4: 28 has the gematria of 576 (12x8x6). One interesting principle is usually that the Ten Best practices are not “tablets” of stone, but “cubes” of sapphire stone, for the reason that Hebrew phrase “luhoth” also method, “cubes. inch

Each and every of the twenty two letters of typically the Hebrew Aleph Beyt is a Cube, or a Developing Block forming almost all that exists. Thusly, the Holy Hebrew Bible contains inside it all that will exists.

Elyah His home country of israel is an author, creative thinker and the founder regarding CHRIST CONSCIOUS MIDDLE ([]). CCC is a ministry devoted to typically the research, and developement of the Interior Christ -the True Realization of GOD in ourselves. Elyah publishes books, articles, and essays dedicated to espousing typically the Gospel with the Interior Teaching. The Gospel of the Internal Teaching is some sort of Salve of Curing for our world which often is drunk with dogma and split and sick using superstition. CHRIST CONSCIOUS CENTRE advocates plus promotes literacy plus scholarship in Biblical Hebrew. Hebrew is definitely the language that YAHWEH spoke, and the Original language in which the Holy Bible was basically written. The Hebrew Aleph Beyt is surely an ancient system involving alphanumeric/ hieroglyphic icons. When we explore this kind of kind of Wisdom many of us gain the magical insight to consider exterior of the (traditional) box regarding Scriptural interpretations. The Expertise contained in this specific Body of Knowledge is key to Knowing the inner that means of the O Bible.

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