Security Master AV Removal Guide – Fix This Malware Now

October 22, 2022

Looking for an easy to follow Security Master AV removal guide? If you are thinking about manual removal, then you might get disappointed. That is because there are no quick and easy ways to remove this notorious threat easily.

Your best bet is to remove this fake anti virus software automatically using a reliable and trusted anti-malware program. This is the safest option for most computer users because the manual approach could be more dangerous.

What Exactly Is Security Master AV

Security Master AV belongs to the family of rouge anti-spyware programs developed by the Virus Doctor group. Technically, the program is a form of scare-ware because it will scare you with fake security alerts. The aim of the virus is to force you to buy a new antivirus program.

If your PC gets infected with this threat, it will run automatically when you load Windows. The virus overtakes the Windows Security Center and will show you a fake dialog box showing several instances of virus and malware infections. You will be encouraged to buy a new antivirus program to delete the so-called infections. Tech New Master

In reality, the infection alerts are generated by Security Master AV. It spawns harmless files and will present these as viruses just to scare you. The objective of the malware is to get your financial information and banking data when you use your credit card to buy the fake antivirus.

Identity theft is one of the biggest reasons why you have to delete Security Master AV immediately. Aside from this, the program has the capability to hijack your browser and will lead you to more rouge websites.

Simple Security Master AV Removal Guide

When this malware first appeared in cyberspace, most IT professionals experienced a hard time killing it. In fact, there are still many highly experienced computer users who are having trouble removing Security Master AV from their machines.

What you need to do is to get professional help from security experts. You can find several resources in some tech forums giving you instructions on where to find the latest anti-malware program that can effectively remove Security Master AV automatically.

Closely follow the download and installation instructions so that you can effectively scan your PC with a proven anti-malware program. You should forget manual removal of the virus if you are not familiar with your computer’s system and registry. The safest and fastest option for you is to follow the automatic removal software and get rid of it quickly. If you still want to follow manual steps, you may try these steps:

1. Start your computer in “Safe Mode with Networking’ mode because normal mode may not work for you at all.

2. Access Windows Registry Editor (Click on Start–>Run, type “regedit” and click on OK) and remove the malicious registry entries from these locations. You need to locate and remove infected registry entries only so you need to be a geek here. (Please don’t attempt removal if you don’t know what are you doing)


3. Please search for the infected files on whole hard disk and delete them. These are the two known location where this virus keeps its files and settings so you must remove these folders first of all.

C–>Documents and Settings–>All Users–>Application Data–>345d567
C–>Documents and Settings–>All Users–>Application Data–>SMNPCTCAV

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