The Best Obscure Bets in Football

October 6, 2022

Big football events role around fairly regularly. There’s always the assured league season, whether it’s the SPL, English Premier or Bundesliga that takes your fancy you can bet on pretty much any fairly easily with so many bookmakers available online. Then of course there are the world cup, European championship and the Copa America which interchange fairly regularly for a bit of summer football action. These big events also have a habit of bringing out the casual gamblers.

Of course, for novice gamblers it’s often easiest to just throw a few quid on a potential winner and wait to see how it turns out. The negative side of this is that anything with decent odds has a good chance of being turfed- out fairly early. The end result being, you’ve placed your budget and have no potential windfall to up the excitement. However there are a variety of somewhat more obscure betting offers which can put a different slant on your tournament bets.

One idea which is good for tournament betting such as a world cup is betting on the number of punches that will be made by goal keepers. This is an offer which is somewhat surprisingly a regular for bookmakers. แทงบอลโลก It’s usually based on a 50/50 or 60/40 bet made on whether there will be more or less punches made than the average worked out by the bookie. While it’s not big odds you could easily double your money and it’ll keep you interested right to the end. It’ll surprise you that you actually get excited by a goalkeeper running out to punch the ball and missing but you will.

Another option is to bet on the number of booking or red cards in a tournament. This often works the same way as the more/less punches bet, but you can be more specific and choose within a range. Once again it can run for all or most of the tournament and will certainly vent your aggression as you scream at the TV “Kick him in the head!” Well maybe not as extreme as that but it’ll get you out of your seat. In addition you can often find alternative ways to place your bet. There are many promotions for bookmaker free bets and sites which can help you take advantage of these. Certain specialist sites can also provide you with help for matched betting and complex bet calculator software.

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