There Are No Laws But God’s

September 30, 2022

Imagine a person we shall name as Harry who is fearful about air travel. For this reason Harry has decided never to get on an airplane. Some years ago Harry read about a plane crash where upon impact the jet fuel ignited and the resulting explosion burned the 500+ passengers to death. After reading these gory details, Harry decided never to get on an airplane again. He Domestic Violence Attorney decided that plane travel is too dangerous.

Further suppose that Harry lives in New York and has decided to take a trip to Los Angeles. Harry decides to drive himself to Los Angeles from New York. Of course Harry could have taken a bus or train. Each of these methods would have kept him on the ground which is the deciding factor.

Most of us know that it is much safer statistically to fly the 3,000 mile trip than it is to drive. Yet Harry, due to his decision regarding plane travel has decided to drive. It will take Harry several days as opposed to the five hour nonstop flight time. There will also be much wear and tear on Harry’s car as of course he will have to make another 3,000 mile trip on his return.

Harry has created a law within his mind. By this law Harry is unable to get on an airplane. Now this is an unusual way of looking at the concept of law, however please take a look at this. A law is a rule that seeks to inhibit action in some way. Doesn’t Harry’s law do the same thing?

This is an imaginary story, however consider the means under which Harry’s law was created. He read a something that created a fear within him. He then made a decision based upon that fear. Now if we look at his decision regarding the trip to Los Angeles we can see that his law is putting him in danger. I once read that a car traveling between Los Angeles and New York will have 33 accidents before a plane will have one accident. Now at highway speeds, how many of those accidents will Harry survive? Thus, in terms of safety, Harry’s law puts him more at risk.

The purpose of this story is to look at the concept of belief. Once a person accepts a belief, that belief becomes like a law to that person. It doesn’t matter whether that belief has a fear behind it or not. Beliefs have that effect upon life. They either hinder life or broaden it. This story was created to show how a belief can hinder life. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce a belief that is to support broadening life.

The Law of God
The Law of God says that all things are good. This law is referring to Gods’ creations. This law supports you and me. Now you must accept this law and give less attention to the laws you made. Remember that through beliefs you create laws in your mind. This is where beautiful work can be done.

Law is to be understood as the way that things take form. An understanding is that some laws are physical, some are mental, some are made by humans, and finally there are laws of God. The word law is used here because it helps contain things.

For example, suppose there was a place where no human laws were made. The assumption is that anarchy would exist. Many of us have seen the old westerns where some of the western territories had not yet become states. While this was a part of human history, it is not to be used to guess at how societies would develop.

Recall the concept of the lawman. The sheriff or the marshal was charged with keeping some sense of order. Again the parallels are that people or laws maintain a place in order.

Consider how the planets circle the sun and how the sun circles the center of our galaxy. There is something that maintains this order such that the movement of these objects occur with a precise timing. The best clocks are not as precise. This is an example of law as a force that holds things in order. The planets are not colliding nor are we aware of other objects in outer space colliding. Haley’s comet comes back into view of the earth at a certain time and this can be depended upon. It is in this way that it is suggested that we view the law of God. It can be depended upon to complete its function.

Another way to look at law is as a way that things come into manifestation. Given a set of conditions, we should expect a consistent result. We should be careful not to create new laws in our minds by assuming that we can use scientific theories that only view outer conditions as the determinants of other outer conditions.

This writing is suggesting that inner conditions create the outer. Using the view of outer events solely to suggest cause is flawed. Science uses this method as a matter of requirement because commonly science does not recognize the soul or the power of thought.

If you for example believe in the power of germs and viruses you can create another law with this belief. Tying this concept to living undefended is where you do not seek to constantly keep things clean because of your belief in germs. There is a medical term for those who constantly wash their hands and get very afraid during the so called flu season. You are to keep your body clean and your surroundings as well. Yet be careful of becoming overly cautious about germs. There is a level of sanitation that is perfect for you as a spiritual being.

There are physical laws that you can decide not to agree with. Actually the so called physical laws are lesser laws because you are not a physical being. You are spirit. You can rise above these lesser laws by learning the truth and living in truth.

A Place for Your Will
Humans have attempted to will a good life into place for many years. Willing something that is already in place is without merit. Nothing of permanence occurs. The creations of God unlike the human creations have tremendous power behind them. They do not need your help.

Will yourself to believe that you are progressing spiritually. Will yourself to believe that God is all there is. Will yourself to stop believing the things your senses try to tell you. Will yourself to believe that God is good and all that God created is good. Use your personal will and personal charisma with regard to yourself and others to bring a practice into place. Yet, do not will yourself to make life good. Life is already good. Yet this may be below the level of your senses. Remember the place for your will and use it appropriately.

The laws of God are simple and do not bring any complexity at all. They are one. God is the one. Ask any question and the answer is the same. God is the one answer. This may be difficult for some minds to grasp initially. It requires a progression from the other sets of laws that are numerous and complex. However accept that God is the one answer and you have entered a realm that is above all the other laws. You may not have transcended the other laws, but you have entered a new door.

This is the highest law. It works above all the other laws. It requires the simple mind of someone who is willing. The brilliant mind of the scientist can also see this. Here both come together to know that God is good. The law of good is all that matters. You will never learn the laws of God from a book, nor deep meditation. These help and are part of the process. A simple faith is all that is needed. With simplicity we see that anyone can do this.

Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and Mahatma Gandhi are three people who let a simple faith allow them to make significant contributions to society. Most importantly they grew to astounding heights spiritually through a love each had for their creator. Learn to say this to yourself often. There are no laws but God’s. Say it when things are going good. Say it when things appear otherwise. There are no laws but God’s. This is the placing of your reliance upon the things you do not see or understand. There are no laws but God’s.

Can you see how simple faith is? Are you beginning to understand how powerful a simple faith is? Leave the complexities of the world you used to live in alone. Live in the simple and beautiful world that God created. Live in the world of soul. Live in heaven. There are no laws but God’s.

The purpose of this writing is to begin to take your mind away from other beliefs that you may have. It strengthens the mind and leaves it free of erroneous beliefs. Your creator did not create you to believe in other laws of mind or laws of karma. These laws have no effect upon one who has accepted the law of good. The law of God is the law of good. A mind that is too logical and wants to fully understand cannot conceive of infinity. The small cannot contain the infinite.

A miracle state of consciousness is now being built within you. You are to grow confidence in yourself and truth. Sometimes your actions may not be popular. You are not entering a popularity contest. Things are not small or big in this way of thinking. Time of growing such mind has no effect either. Skip many steps with letting the love of God grow in you. Love does not see size. Is a Galaxy more important to God than you? God sees all of this with an equanimity.

This law is a requirement that we accept that God supports each of us individually and collectively. It frees the mind to focus on that which is simple and direct. Let yourself believe in this law and this one only.

Gerald Collins has been a licensed Religious Science Practitioner at the Agape International Center in Los Angeles, California, since 1997. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of Agape, taught Gerald as his minister and class facilitator. Mr. Collins has spent over 15 years teaching universal spiritual principles to children and has been an assistant teacher in Agape’s University of Transformational Studies and Leadership. Since 1976 Gerald has been a professional teacher and financial manager as a Certified Public Accountant with a Masters’ degree in finance.

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