Your business Software and your Data – How they Work together

December 10, 2022

What is software, if not a computer-based tool for handling what might otherwise be complex sets of information or hard to manage processes? The software is the tool, but it cannot operate without a user and a set of data. Obviously, you are the user, and you provide the data for your accounting and payroll software. It might appear that as you are entering data into your system, it is saved right along with the software itself. In actuality, your data is stored separately from the software, typically someplace on your hard drive. Your software system interacts with your data on a regular basis behind the scenes. Here are the ways your system and your data work together, and how you can be sure your data stays safe.


The purpose of having an accounting  Cloud based Accounting software   and payroll system is to store your data and pull out the information you need in a meaningful way. Ensuring your data is always backed up, is crucial to any organization’s smooth operation. Backing up helps make certain your data stays safe, and also that you have something to restore, in case you lose data. Consider what would happen to your business if you lost a day’s worth of information, a month, or even a year? Only after careful consideration should you decide how often to back up and test your backed-up data. Many businesses have lost their entire database, only to find out their backup is corrupt or simply doesn’t work. This is a nightmare than can take months to remedy. Create a process and schedule your regular data backup, and you may just save yourself and your business untold heartache in the case of data loss. A good rule-of-thumb is: any time you have entered enough information that you don’t want to enter it again – make a backup.

You work with your data every day, whether it’s entering new or editing existing data. Because data is stored separately from the software, your software updates can be done without affecting your data (in most cases). System updates are usually received through the internet these days, and can be downloaded using a high-speed internet connection. These updates can be extremely important in keeping your software working properly and enhancing the way you do things. Install updates as soon as they are available to help keep your system running smoothly.

The business world has moved from being entirely based on personal touch, to being powered by technology. This doesn’t mean though that the “personal touch” that used to be the key to a successful service orientated business is no longer important. These days, technology is able to help businesses in the service sector to serve their customers and make that “personal touch” more meaningful and memorable.

One particular technology that is helpful for a service orientated businesses is service business software. In a nutshell, this type of software takes care of the back end of the business, thereby allowing the owner all the opportunity to focus on growing their business by finding new customers and retaining existing customers.

Among the best and most prominent features of a service business software is customer service enhancement. Technology-forward hotels, for example, usually have software installed that helps them to compile a database of client preferences-from the type of room to food allergies. This way, when a return customer books or checks in, personnel will immediately know what would make the return customer tick?

Aside from enabling personnel to increase the level of customer service that they are able to provide, service business software also takes care of a lot of other details, including setting appointments and fielding professionals to meet these appointments.

One chain of nail salons manage appointments in all their branches using a service business software. This software keeps a database of the nail technicians’ schedules, including their day-offs and days when they are on-leave. When a customer calls to set an appointment, the time of appointment is entered into the system. The system automatically pulls up the names of the technicians that are available on that time slot.

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